about us

The cycle of debt can be hard to break free from and you might be unsure as what's the best way to go. We're here to come alongside you at this difficult time and guide you through the process of becoming debt free and living a debt free future.

Our Mission

To be a source of hope for those struggling with debt. To guide, support and advise the people of Prestatyn, Meliden and the surrounding area through the process of becoming debt free. Empowering our clients with the tools they need for a debt free future.

Our Values

We believe in free, impartial, unconditional, and fully confidential face-to-face advice from trained and knowledgeable advisors.

Our History

Prestatyn and Meliden Community Money Advice was formed as part of Prestatyn and Meliden Foodbank in 2022 as the cost of living crisis worsened. More and more of the foodbank’s clients were reporting debt as a significant cause of the crisis that they had found themselves in and the while a parcel of food was essential in the short term, it wasn’t addressing the underlying problem. We received a generous grant from the Trussell Trust that meant we could open our doors to clients in Spring 2023.

Meet the Team

Rob Forrest - Centre Manager

Rob joined Prestatyn and Meliden Foodbank in 2021, eager to serve the people of Prestatyn, Meliden and the surrounding areas. He was instrumental in securing the Trussell Trust grant and was keen to use his skills and expertise to help those struggling with the effects of debt and money worries.

Rob is a father of two kids, a keen cook, an enthusiastic cyclist, likes playing badminton and is currently training for the 2023 Llandudno Triathlon. 


Rob Forrest
Centre Manager
“Food banks see individuals who are in crisis; the nature of their work is to serve that immediate need of making sure there’s food on the table. But this doesn't address the underlying causes of poverty for that individual ”
Nigel Oanea-Cram
Financial Inclusion Manager - Trussell Trust

Community Money Advice

We are affiliated to Community Money Advice who provide us with excellent support and training, ensuring that our advice is to the highest level.